Monday, July 24, 2017


Miracles are brought by faith, and miracles happen everyday here in Cordova.
One of the biggest miracles I've seen here were the baptism of
Greithly, Yagnnesis and Ashantee.
They are three Dominican girls that are good friends with some of our
members children.
And so with prayer, some revelation, and a sleep over to get them to
come to church, with an invitation to be baptized started an
incredible adventure, not only for the girls but for us as
missionaries as well.
It was incredible to see that as they were taught the lessons they
were so willing to change. They were so excited. The mom was also
super excited which was a miracle as well.

The lord has provided a way for his children to do as he commands.
Whatever it may be.
I am so grateful that I can assist the lord in doing his work, and
bring his children unto the savior, so that they too can receive the
blessings that come with these ordinances.

I love you all, and I hope you have a legendary week
-Elder Poppleton