Monday, January 23, 2017

The Power of The Spirit!

So normally I would just write about my previous week...but to be
honest...I have no idea what has happened this week, and what has
happened prior, because everything is going by so fast its all
starting to blend together.
Also, I cant remember what I have and haven't told all of you. So if I
repeat anything, y'all can just skip over it.
Anyways, this ward is AWESOME!!!!! There is a lot of military here in
Anchorage, and a lot of the YSA are military, and it's awesome. So My
companion and I have to go on base a lot to go see them.
We are getting really close to these people, and knowing that
eventually I'm going to have to leave makes me kind of sad, but that's
ok. Elder Brock goes home before I'm going to leave this area, so he
has more to worry about than I do.
The sun actually stays up for more than 15 seconds now, so that's a
blessing. Our days get 6 minutes longer every day. Its super rad!
There were several times this week, where we were in a lesson or in a
meeting and the spirit was like Yo, Elder Poppleton, and then
continued to tell me to do something that is incredibly awkward and
strange. But I'm the master of awkward these days....and miracles
We were with a borderline less active this week, and the spirit was
like Yo, Elder Poppleton....and I just said ok. And you'll never guess
what I did.....yep....I related the gospel to muscles....again.
And it was super awkward because what I was saying didn't make any least to me...but he LOVED it. And it made perfect sense
to him. And my mind was blown.
It really taught me that missionaries aren't the teachers. The spirit is.
The things the spirit does blows my mind.
Without the spirit I literally cant do a single thing as a missionary,
or as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

I can testify of the power of the spirit. It can teach us, guide us,
comfort us, and protect us.
Without the spirit we are more vulnerable to temptations of the adversary.
Satan will tell us 100 truths just to sneak in one lie.
And that's scary. So be aware of the spirit, throughout the entire day.

That's my two cents.

I love you all,

-Elder Poppleton

Elder Frey being himself.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Just a few pictures!

Jan 5, 2017 - We are quarantined to the apartment today because elder Brock got super sick...and in turn got me super sick. Elder Brock has a doctors appointment so that's the only time we are allowed to leave today. (This is when he was sick and I wasn't.)

Jan 5, 2017 -  Had to say goodbye to elder Vue yesterday. He got transferred to Valdez 
 Jan 5, 2017 - We all play poker on p-day (Not sure this is allowed, but hey they look like they are having fun!)


This has been a crazy week! It was the week of transfers, and it was
also the week that the work in the YSA decided to go nuts!
We are teaching a lot of new people, and the members are really
starting to become unified, and we are able to get a lot of work done
with them. It's super rad.
We finally got in contact with Joe. After we got him on date the
second time, he disappeared again. But he finally answered his phone
on Saturday, and he's been in the lower 48 for awhile visiting his
girlfriend. So we are going to meet with him on Tuesday, and we are
going to get him on date again, and I'm so excited!

We also got a new Hmong Elder again. Elder Lor (its pronounced Loe)
but he's hmong so they add an R at the end. Don't ask, because I don't
speak hmong, so I don't know either.
But he's way cool, and he's going to be an amazing missionary.
My companion goes home in about 4 weeks and I'm super sad to see him
go. He's a wicked good missionary, and a really close friend. But he's
going to rock it back home.

We were able to visit a less active family a few times this week, and
we were able to teach them the power that the Holy Ghost has through
Music, does two things. It either invites the spirit, or it disrupts it.

I can testify of the power of music. It can allow the spirit, to
teach, to comfort, to guide, and to strengthen us.
Music is a beautiful and powerful gift that our Heavenly Father has
given to us. But like all things, you can use if for good or for bad.
Music, if used incorrectly can damage the spirit, and pull you away
from our Savior.
So I challenge all of you to try and listen to music that invites the
spirit, and that will draw you closer to our savior.
I know that he lives, and I know that He loves you.

-Elder Poppleton

Monday, January 9, 2017



We got our transfer calls on Friday, and I will continue to stay in the YSA ward with Elder Brock.  So in 6 weeks, I get to send him home, and get a new companion.  It’s crazy to think I already have two months under my belt. It feels
like I just reported to the MTC a few days ago…crikey.  So this last transfer has been really hard, we white washed into an area where the ward lost sight of the missionaries purpose and they didn't really trust us at first.

The teaching pool was gigantic when we came in, but we have dropped every    single one of those investigators because they weren’t progressing and they were converted to the sister missionaries, not converted to the Lord, and that was hard. It was so hard and very sad for me dropping those investigators.
So we have been doing a lot of tracting, and a lot of street contacting. Basically we just OYM all the time.  This week our work has paid off. The Lord has blessed us with a lot of referrals and a contact.

We met a man named Chris Jenkins, who knows more about the Bible than
anyone I've ever met and we are teaching him. He has A LOT of questions.  There are several other people we are teaching who have a lot of questions also. It’s amazing to see how much the Lord helps, but after we do all we can.  

This is our squad. I'm very close with these two elders.  We had to say goodbye to Elder Vue. He got transferred to Valdez, but Elder Lo comes in on Wednesday from the MTC, and Elder Frey is going to train him. It’s going to be rad.

I love you all.  And please send me an email, I want to hear from all of you. Not even kidding. Send me an email, talk to me.

Many are cold but few are frozen.

Love you all,

Elder Poppleton

Monday, January 2, 2017

Wish List

So I guess people want tips on what to send missionaries in Alaska.

Well this missionary could use:

-swag ties (skinny ones)
-hot chocolate
-hot sauce

Taco Bell Miracle

So at Taco Bell a lot of things happened, but long story short.  Elder Brock, the Hmong elders and I went to Taco Bell after district meeting.  I went to go fill up my drink, so I was by myself there was this guy eating by himself.  I started talking
to him and he told me I was glowing, which freaked me out. I thought he was trippin.  He told me about all of his problems and that he wanted Taco Bell before he was going to take his life. He planned on jumping the bridge in a few minutes, which was right next to where we were.  I was able to teach him the plan of salvation and the comforting part of the atonement.

Watching as his face lit up with every principle, I was able to see the light of Christ in him grow.  I was able to refer him to the missionaries who covered the area where he lived and he is taking the lessons.  Before he left, he told me "I am going to remember you Elder Poppleton.”  He mumbled under his breath as he was walking away "I just met my guardian angel"

Haha, that's the super condensed version but it was a miracle I was able to be there to talk to him and bring the spirit so that the spirit was able to teach him.

-Elder Poppleton