Monday, March 27, 2017

Moose, well Meese actually!

Search, Ponder, and Pray

Hey, so this week has been totally crazy!!
P-day was typical. We got all of our errands and stuff done and went
and tried to lose as much Alaskan weight as we can playing basketball.
Missionary ball is way fun.
Elder Hunter and I remembered that we made a goal to knock a certain
amount of doors this transfer. And we have hardly done half of them.
And the transfer is almost over, so we have been busting our butts
knocking on doors.
We got so caught up on visiting with investigators and struggling
members. Which is also good.
This Transfer has flown by. Elder Hunter is a stud missionary, and I
hope that I can serve another transfer with him here in the North
Anchorage YSA. I LOVE the YSA. Haha they are some of my best friends.
One of our members here who is in the military is taking of to ranger
school on Tuesday and its been cool developing a relationship with him
over these last 4 months or so.
I had the opportunity to serve in the hmong branch for a day. And that
was so much fun. I got to learn a little bit of language. (Like, i
know how to say, hello, how are you?)
The hmong people are so cool. Elder Lor and I had some fun and we made
a sweet album cover photo in front of the Anchorage temple. I love
that kid.
There are all kinds of hidden treasures here in Alaska. Heck. Alaska
in itself is a hidden treasure.
What a beautiful place our father in heaven has created for us.

I also got a call this week from some Elders serving in a different
ward telling me how Elder Hunter and I needed to come to a dinner
appointment with them. Confused I asked them why. And they told me
that the members we were going to be eating with were the aunt and
uncle to one of friends....they said "I think their last name is
Macdonald" well at that moment I totally freaked out in excitement.
Because Justin Macdonald has been one of my best friends since i was
like 8. So I get to eat dinner with his Uncle and Aunt this Friday and
I am so excited!
It was just in the knick of time too....because transfer calls are
also this Friday. And there is chance I might be getting transferred
to a new area. It is super stressful because of all of the
possibilities. There's like a 90% chance I am leaving and a 10% chance
i am going to stay for another 6 weeks.
I also had a very sad experience this week.
Out Bishop told us we needed to go visit a less active member and so
on our way to see him later that week, we looked at his record and saw
that he was endowed and that he had also served a mission. We knocked
on his door and his friend answered the door, saw us, and turned to
the member we were looking for and just started laughing.
The member walked up and started talking to us about he is now an
atheist. Because there was a lack of scientific evidence of a God.
My heart has never been so broken.
And this is because he went to the internet instead of the scriptures.
I have such a strong testimony and knowledge of scripture study.
As I study the scriptures my love for savior grows. I understanding of
the teaching of Christ expands exponentially.
Blessing come from scripture study.
I had a question. And it was how could I improve my teaching.
I turned to the stories of Ammon. And Ammon was master teacher.  I
love how he uses service. Well that day we had an opportunity to serve
and it was a gateway. It allowed a friendship and trust to grow and we
One of my favorite quotes that is as cliche as it comes
"If you want to talk to God..pray. And if you want God to talk to the scriptures"
That couldn't be any more simple. And it couldn't be more true.
I can promise anyone who reads this, as a representative of Jesus
Christ, as you study and ponder the scriptures, any question you have
can be answered through the scripture.

I love you all
-Elder Poppleton

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Iguana


Elder Hunter and I have been busting our tails. I had to have a Red
Bull so I could have enough energy to stay awake during our lessons.
And now....I'm trying to break that habit. I had one every day from
Monday to Saturday, and on Sunday I didn't have one, and I almost
died. I was so tired. I now understand why it is so hard for some of
our investigators not to drink coffee. We got Joe Taufaeteau back on
He is going to be baptized on April 8th. Although transfers are the
Wednesday before. So if I get transferred i won't get to be there. But
that is ok. I have loved getting to know Joe and seeing how he has
come closer to our savior has been an incredible experience.

I allowed Elder Hunter to cut my hair on Sunday morning, and he didn't
do half bad. And later that evening were with one of our recent
converts, who we just helped move, and he fed us pizza and we played
his favorite card game with him....all the while his iguana named
Carlos was on my head.

-Elder Poppleton

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Iditarod!

This last week has been bumpin!
We got an investigator on date for baptism! And I'm super excited for that.
So we are going to work with him for the next few weeks, to help get
him more prepared, and ready to enter the waters!
This week we did some service at the beans cafe with the chugach
foothills sisters, and that was super fun, feeding all of those people
lunch and seeing how grateful they were.
We also got to help out with the Iditarod!!!
We stood in an intersection for about 4 hours and froze our butts off
and shoveled snow into the intersection so the dog sleds could go
through. And it was sooo much fun.
We got so close to the sleds that we gave most of the mushers high
fives. It was legendary.
Elder Hunter and I get along splendidly, and we push each other.
Sometimes to work harder, and sometimes into the snowbank I love that
We also had Zone Conference, and that was AMAZING!! The spirit was so
strong as trainings were given and as we had a testimony meeting.

In Galatians 5:22-23 it lists some of the characteristics of the Holy Ghost.
We often think of the Holy Ghost as the comforter and the teacher. And
that's true, it is. I rely on that everyday. But the words long
suffering stood out to me today as I read those verses. My initial
thought, was "wow, the Holy Ghost helps us endure our trials. That's
so cool."
And the Holy Ghost does too that as well.
But as I pondered on that phrase, I realized that it is saying that
the Holy Ghost itself is long suffering.
The spirit has no problems with patience.
Have you ever fought the spirit on something? Because I have. And for
some reason the spirit always wins. Why? Because he is long suffering.
He can endure. He also can't die, which means he can always out wait
you. And I love that.
So when you feel the Holy Ghost prompt you to do something, why not do it?
I know that sometimes it may seem weird, uncomfortable, and can even
be awkward. And I can speak from experience that sometimes it will be.
But I just own It.
It is only as awkward as you make it.
I can testify that as we obey the promptings of the spirit, we will be
blessed, we will see miracles take place, and we will happier.

I love you all,

-Elder Poppleton

It looks like they get to check out some pretty cool places on there "Preparation Day"! 

A picture of Elder Poppleton just wouldn't be the same without a flex of some sort!