Monday, April 24, 2017

Baptism Day

Crazy crazy week this week!
First it was Elder Hunter's birthday this week, so that was fun
celebrating, and then we went on exchanges with our Zone leaders.
We went to the apartment so we could change into service clothes, and
I thought we were going to clean up yards or something like that
because the snow is finally starting to disappear.
But no, we ended up bucking hay for the rest of the day.
It was AWESOME!!! It was a sunny day, and I was dressed in blue
jeans, and got to be a farm boy for a day. It was great. It was for a
horse therapy center, and the lady that ran the place was a very
active catholic, and it was great, talking to her, and getting to know

Saturday was probably supposed to be a super stressful day, but I was
pretty chillax as we were getting everything ready for the baptism.
And as the hours went by we ended up running into a bunch of Samoan
members. Some of them I'm pretty sure know how to say only two words
in English "Elders. Eat" hahaha its great. (I'm pretty sure they know
more than that though. So it's ok)
The time, and Joe, went under the water and came back out.....three times....
It was quite the experience seeing a big guy fit in a little font.
The spirit was so strong, and it was amazing.

Sunday came and I about had a stress induced brain aneurism. Elder
Hunter and I were setting up the sacrament, just kind of waiting for
Joe to show up.
His girlfriend showed up.....his buddy Lico showed up....some of his
cousins showed up...but Joe didn't show up.
I about lost it.
We passed the sacrament, and I thought it was over, but in comes the
man of the hour.
And he was confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Day Saints.

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