Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Accident!

So this week we were able to have a pretty interesting experience.
We were on our way in for the night. And we were driving down the road
that the church is on, which is a little ways out of town, and were
about half way down the road, and there were a couple of trucks in the
road with their hazards on. So as we got closer one of the trucks
moved so we could get by.
I rolled down my window to see what was up, and there was a white
pickup truck that had gone of the road and into the ditch, and hit a
tree. When I looked in the cab, there was blood EVERYWHERE. there was
two guys standing on the road and their faces where super white and
kind of in shock at what they were seeing. I asked if they had called
the cops and they hadn't. So I told one of them to call the ambulance.
Then I flipped my hazards on and got out of the truck.
I walked over to the truck, and asked the man in the cab of the truck
if he was ok, arms he turned and looked at me, and his nose looked
more like a blob of silly putty than it did a nose.
He said he was face,  but that his face hurt.
So I just started talking to him for a little while, and he reeked of
alcohol, and had a few empty pill bottles in the cab.
While I was talking to him, the cops showed up and he said "oh no!!!"
And began to say very colorful things.
The cops took him away in the ambulance and that was that.
So it was an interesting experience to say the least.

The people of Cordova are amazing. I love them so much.
I had a lady tell me today the Book of Mormon came from the pits of hell.
So I was able to share my testimony with her of the divinity of the
Book of Mormon.
She didn't want one but that's ok.

The work of the Lord will not be frustrated and will not be stopped.
And I'm so glad I can participate in progressing the work here in

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