Monday, February 27, 2017

Companion #2

So these last few week have been crazy busy, and I have had quite a
few cool experiences.
Elder Brock went home, and is now home with his family in ohio. Its
crazy to think that he is home already.
And now I have my new companion. Elder Hunter. He is from Pleasant
Grove, Utah. And he likes to lift weights (which means he cool)
Haha we got along like two peas in a pod. I was kinda worried about it
at first because I didn't know much about him. So I kind of pre judged
him a little. And I feel badly, but the atonement is real, and I can
Elder Hunter and I have set some sweet goals for this transfer, and
I'm super excited for this transfer. Its going to be legendary.
Also, I have been studying out of the Preach My Gospel a lot during my studies.
And may I give some advice to those preparing to serve, or those
planning on serving some day. READ THE PMG! Oh my gosh! Its so
amazing. And I love it so much. I too was told to do this, and for the
most part I ignored it. Because I didn't know how to study out of
something that wasn't the standard works. So I just didn't really read
it on my own.
If you just open it up and start to look at it and study it and learn
from it. It. Will. Change. Everything.
Anyways. So I'm no longer the designated driver (the church is true)
and so Elder Hunter was driving on an over pass and a wonderful
daughter of our Heavenly Father pulled out in front of us, and hit
us/we hit her. And did quite a number on our car.
The spirit however warned me to stay calm before any of this occurred,
and moments before the collision I verbally said *this is gonna suck*
and boom we collided. We are all ok. And no one was injured.
So now we have a temporary vehicle whilst our vehicle coordinator
assigns us a new one. #firstworldproblems
But, during all of this I didn't freak out like i normally would have,
and same with Elder Hunter, because of the spirit.
The spirit couldn't have been there if we were say listening to loud
music, or doing things we shouldn't have. But because we were
listening we were able to hear it.
The spirit is a still small voice, and if we aren't paying attention
we won't hear it.

I can testify of the importance of the spirit in our lives. Always
remain worthy of it. Always be in environments where it can dwell. And
constantly be seeking its companionship. Because it will guide us,
protect us, comfort us, and above all else, testify of the truth.

#emailme (
Love you all,

Elder Poppleton

 A member gave him a leopard skull!

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