Monday, March 6, 2017

The Iditarod!

This last week has been bumpin!
We got an investigator on date for baptism! And I'm super excited for that.
So we are going to work with him for the next few weeks, to help get
him more prepared, and ready to enter the waters!
This week we did some service at the beans cafe with the chugach
foothills sisters, and that was super fun, feeding all of those people
lunch and seeing how grateful they were.
We also got to help out with the Iditarod!!!
We stood in an intersection for about 4 hours and froze our butts off
and shoveled snow into the intersection so the dog sleds could go
through. And it was sooo much fun.
We got so close to the sleds that we gave most of the mushers high
fives. It was legendary.
Elder Hunter and I get along splendidly, and we push each other.
Sometimes to work harder, and sometimes into the snowbank I love that
We also had Zone Conference, and that was AMAZING!! The spirit was so
strong as trainings were given and as we had a testimony meeting.

In Galatians 5:22-23 it lists some of the characteristics of the Holy Ghost.
We often think of the Holy Ghost as the comforter and the teacher. And
that's true, it is. I rely on that everyday. But the words long
suffering stood out to me today as I read those verses. My initial
thought, was "wow, the Holy Ghost helps us endure our trials. That's
so cool."
And the Holy Ghost does too that as well.
But as I pondered on that phrase, I realized that it is saying that
the Holy Ghost itself is long suffering.
The spirit has no problems with patience.
Have you ever fought the spirit on something? Because I have. And for
some reason the spirit always wins. Why? Because he is long suffering.
He can endure. He also can't die, which means he can always out wait
you. And I love that.
So when you feel the Holy Ghost prompt you to do something, why not do it?
I know that sometimes it may seem weird, uncomfortable, and can even
be awkward. And I can speak from experience that sometimes it will be.
But I just own It.
It is only as awkward as you make it.
I can testify that as we obey the promptings of the spirit, we will be
blessed, we will see miracles take place, and we will happier.

I love you all,

-Elder Poppleton

It looks like they get to check out some pretty cool places on there "Preparation Day"! 

A picture of Elder Poppleton just wouldn't be the same without a flex of some sort!

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