Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My Toe!

Sorry about not putting anything up last week, we were crazy busy!

But this last week has been insane. Both in good and bad ways.
Awhile ago we were at a dinner appointment, and this family had a
gigantic massage chair in front of their dinner table...well, we had
to move the massage chair before we could eat. Well lucky for me it
was on wheels, and on a hard wood floor right?...wrong.
I went to move it, and without my acknowledgement my companion was
behind the chair and pushed it. Aaannnddd boom. This sucker lands
right on my toe.
No big deal. It hurt but we were having orange chicken and rice, so it
was worth it to suck it up.
Well, the next day we go on exchanges. So I was with Elder Frey,
serving in the Hmong branch for a day. Well, that next morning, my toe
was so swollen I couldn't fit it in my shoe. And it also happened to
be green. Not black or purple, but bright green.
So we go to Elder Moss (the mission doctor)
He said I had to go to the hospital because it might be broken.
So we go to the hospital. We get x ray, and go through that whole
process. We FINALLY see the doctor. And her eyes go huge. She said
~you have so much blood pressure built up in your toe, that its about
to explode~ so she drills 5-6 holes in my toe to release blood
pressure and we are good. I was on crutches for awhile, but all is
well now, my toenail is definitely falling off...but it wont happen
for a few more days.

Just this last Thursday was eventful. We were on our way to a dinner
appointment, (I don't know why these things happen at dinner
appointments) and we were trying to find the house, and we were on the
right street, we just didn't know what house it was.
So we pull over, and start looking on our iPads. And Elder Brock is on
the phone with the member we are eating with.
Well In the rear view mirror i see a man behind our car, looking at
our license plate, and talking on the phone.
The spirit tells me to get out and ask the man for directions.
Well, me being a stubborn male didn't think I needed directions so i
ignored it.
Again, the spirit said, get out. And ask for directions. Begrudgingly
I step out of the car.
Next thing I now, this man has his gun out and has it pointed right at
my chest.
~Well gee! Thanks a lot spirit, look what you've gotten me into. ~
I asked him if he could help us find a house we are looking for.
He spoke into the phone, and said hold on I gotta go. He took a closer
look at me, gun still up, and asked ~are you Mormon?~
Full of gratitude proclaimed that i was, and all of his tension left,
he holstered his gun, and proceeded to tell us about the shooting that
had happened the previous night, and was just being cautious.
He befriended the man, and he helped us find the house. It was marvelous.

I want to testify of the importance of the spirit.
Although it may be difficult to recognize its prompting, its always
there. Always.
And it will never. EVER. Lead you astray,(although it may temporarily
appear that way)
I pray that you will do whatever it takes, to have the constant
companionship of the Holy Ghost.

I love you all,

-Elder Poppleton

Apparently this is what they like to do on their P-Day!

 Cody and the Comps!

His awesome Aunt Megan sent him a "Hangry Kit" and boy did he LOVE that!

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