Tuesday, January 17, 2017


This has been a crazy week! It was the week of transfers, and it was
also the week that the work in the YSA decided to go nuts!
We are teaching a lot of new people, and the members are really
starting to become unified, and we are able to get a lot of work done
with them. It's super rad.
We finally got in contact with Joe. After we got him on date the
second time, he disappeared again. But he finally answered his phone
on Saturday, and he's been in the lower 48 for awhile visiting his
girlfriend. So we are going to meet with him on Tuesday, and we are
going to get him on date again, and I'm so excited!

We also got a new Hmong Elder again. Elder Lor (its pronounced Loe)
but he's hmong so they add an R at the end. Don't ask, because I don't
speak hmong, so I don't know either.
But he's way cool, and he's going to be an amazing missionary.
My companion goes home in about 4 weeks and I'm super sad to see him
go. He's a wicked good missionary, and a really close friend. But he's
going to rock it back home.

We were able to visit a less active family a few times this week, and
we were able to teach them the power that the Holy Ghost has through
Music, does two things. It either invites the spirit, or it disrupts it.

I can testify of the power of music. It can allow the spirit, to
teach, to comfort, to guide, and to strengthen us.
Music is a beautiful and powerful gift that our Heavenly Father has
given to us. But like all things, you can use if for good or for bad.
Music, if used incorrectly can damage the spirit, and pull you away
from our Savior.
So I challenge all of you to try and listen to music that invites the
spirit, and that will draw you closer to our savior.
I know that he lives, and I know that He loves you.

-Elder Poppleton

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